Make Your Own Headboard – DIY Headboard Ideas

If you are just thinking of constructing a new house for you, then you must have to look for some good design and theme of your house. So in this article we will discuss about some of the DIY Headboard ideas that you can use to make your headboard look different and unique from others. Before going further you must have to know that the headboard must be according to the theme of your house, otherwise it will not look good.

Headboard Door
One thing that can be a great headboard for you is use of door. This will go well with the traditional theme of your house. You just have to look for an old door that you can find easily at Salvage yard, thrift store, and flea market or at any other place. You can also have this door for cheap. After getting the door you will have a choice that either to paint the door or keep it as it is. This also depends upon your taste. One thing that you must have to do is to remove its knob and keep the knob side to the bottom.

Photo Headboard
The next idea that you can go on with DIY Headboard is that to collect some family photos and other favorite art pieces and put them together at center stage. You can just paste these photos and artwork on the wall to give a look of headboard. If you want to create a unified look then you must have to choose the frames with the same colors.

Curtain Headboard
Mostly people thinks that curtains are only for the windows, but why don`t you try these as DIY Headboard? This will be a great fun because you are giving a new dimension. There is not much effort required. You just have to attach the curtain rod and then sling the curtain panel. This will be a unique headboard. You can also add patterns and colors of your own choice in your room.

Quilted Headboard
This is the easiest and amazing idea to have a colorful headboard. You just have to install the curtain rod and then you can hang any of your favorite blankets, fabric piece or quilt from the top.

So these are some of the DIY Headboard ideas from which you can select the best one for your room. These ideas will provide you liberty of doing things that you like. Good luck!