Magical Christmas Trees

Have you completed your preparations and decorations for Christmas? There are different traditions around the world for celebrating Christmas but one thing that is common everywhere and is considered to be most important is the Christmas tree. The tree becomes the focal point for any decoration that you are going have on Christmas day. This is also a fun activity to decorate the tree. These Christmas trees come in different types so you have a choice to select the best possible one for yourself.

One of the most popular Christmas trees according to surveys and polls is Scotch pine. This is also commonly used in USA. The reason why this tree is preferred over others is because this tree has more space as compare to other trees, this allows you to have more decoration on it. The other thing is that its needles can stay up even four weeks after Christmas. So when you compare this tree with others you will see that it`s shedding of needles are very less than others.
The other popular Christmas tree is Virginia Pine. This is a tree which is known for its strong branches so you can also use heavy ornaments to decorate this tree. The other good thing about this tree is that it has strong scent. It is so strong that it can easily fill the full house. This tree is most popular in Southern U.S.

The other tree that you can use as Christmas tree is Fir. It is popular because of its scent as well as strong branches that are curved upward. This makes it lot more easy to hang lots of ornaments on one branch. The other thing is its conical shape as well as excellent needle retention. In case you have to put the tree in small corner of your house then it fits the best because of its narrowness.

The next Christmas tree that you can use in your house is Balsam. It is a dark green tree having long branches. These branches may support heavy ornaments as well, but you have to take care that don`t put ornaments to close to trunk. The other advantage of using Balsam on your Christmas day is that it will add beautiful smell to your house.

So these are some of the popular Christmas tree that you can use in your house on Christmas day.